Oneness with God (IDI)

Thank you, Mackenzie Lewis! You are an awesome force for good! People like yourself, add to my great hope for the future of our Living Organism, The Mother Earth… and all of her Precious, Sacred, and Divine Beings… I Am One with Infinite Divine Intelligence, and my Spirit has no boundary’s, with all that is. This is true, for all of us!! I bless you, and all that you touch. It is a great and grave responsibility to own the experience and the awareness that we are all One with Infinite Divine Intelligence. And, that our Spirit’s (souls) have no boundary’s, with all that is. Tread lightly, with all the other dear souls. We have all been hurt! Be, when-ever and where-ever possible,in Balance. Breathe deeply and remember your Divine Spiritual Nature
My quiet prayer is that, one day, all of humanity will have the experience of their, ‘Oneness with God,’ (IDI) What I believe is…. Right Now, is All There Is! 2/9/2014 NHT