Overwhelming, & Authentic Feelings of Gratitude

Opossum’s wandered in front of car lights at night, (never knew there was an ‘0’ in that name till years later) and raccoons, we called em’ coons, thrived and romped in the woods. Ground hogs popped up in the gardens and often got shot by Glenn or Jerry and cooked for supper. Gosh, did they have a rank odor, when simmering in the oven. I’ll never forget that smell. The meat was really tough, too.

In the spring there was a symphony of music coming from the thousands of frogs down below the log house. Crickets made awesome music at night, along with whip-or-wills, screech owls, and hoot owls.

Lightening bugs lit up the landscape in the early summer evenings. Jerry and I used to take a baseball bat to see how many we could chase around the yard and hit, in one evening. I also liked to catch them and put them in an atlas-canning jar with holes in the lid. After I had a whole bunch, I’d go to bed at night, say my usual prayer, and put my head under the covers and watch them light up my, “under cover” world.

An occasional deer ran across the road and into the woods. They leaped over fences with an awesome grace, and, were they fast. They were  really sought after for eating too, in season or out. Raccoons scurried up trees at night and were sometimes chased by barking’ coon’ dogs, especially, Delmos Dickey’s big brother Charles’s dogs. It was like living in a thriving zoo, with so many beautiful night sounds, all from living things in nature.  However,  I soon blocked out and deadened the beauty of the night sounds, along with the trickling water of Dry Run that came down beside our house, and took for granted the awesome beauty. Excerpt from, ‘Wickwire Creek, the Long Journey Out.’  written 12 to 15 years ago

12 to 15 years later: Overwhelming gratitude, authentic feelings of gratitude to my immediate family, deceased parents, living and deceased brothers, and all who have come before and since. Co-dreaming my journey with God, as each of us have the power to do, is a glorious awakening. Focus your whole being on Gratitude, giving love, everywhere, sharing, honoring Divine Source. Do what creates the  greatest good of all, and for all… That is a Divinely blessed Journey! Noble Hartsell Turner  6/5/10