Peace, Ommmm, the Dreamers Cry

Peace…. Ommmm Peace, Ommmm, the dreamers cry… And on the flip side of peace, there is war.

For all the beauty, there is ugliness, for all the kindness, there is mean-ness on the planet, We

live in a balanced universe, or more likely,  universes. It is not all one-sided.  For every victory,

there is defeat, for anything good, there is bad. The Intelligent force most call God, actively moves

energy, particles of light, vibrational sound, people, animals, fish, birds, and all crawling things,

and  balances everything. Get too cocky and prideful and know for sure, a spiritual  ass-whuppin’ is comin.’

It’s not some male gender God sitting up in heaven that does it. It is we who create our destiny along with

Infinite Divine Intelligence. “Pride cometh before a fall.” It;s true. Neither can we sub-ordinate, (come under)

feel smaller than any other being. We are all equal! It’s all about love…flowing divine love.

We will be healthy and sick. We will feel sad and happy. We will experience pain, and pleasure. Accept

and be grateful for all of it, for It is what life and the universe consists of. Ommmm,  Peace, Ommmm,….

Sure, but there is more!  NHT 4/10/2012