Remember, It’s Just a Dream

Is stuff swirling all around you in the wild dance of life? It is for me! Hey, it’s your life, your dream. How sacred and powerful is the Intelligence (God) who dreamed this all up? Mountains, rivers, oceans, skies, worlds, galaxies, animals, birds, fish, veggies, and fruits….. and so much more! It’s your dream! It is the real Self, creating all of this physical manifestation of everything. Who am I ???Did you know you can steer the dream, alter the path, and all with the Divine Mind that is IDI, (God) that resides within? Each one of us has our, ‘Own World.” We live at the very center of the conscious universe, housed in apparent human bodies, and manifesting these amazing bodies with our own thoughts, combined with the Mind of Infinite Divine Intelligence. I suggest you begin to Observe what is, more and more, and try less hard to push around, that which is! We cannot change anything in the mili-second of NOW. Choose the future with your mind and cement it with steps of action. What will be, will be!!! NHT 4/30/2011