Seven Billion Worlds and Universes

Imagine with me, if you will, that the Divine Creator, created not one universe, but a separate world and an entire universe, for each being alive. If Divine Intelligence can create One universe of energy and particles of light, what is to stop that same force from duplicating itself, seven billion times, or a million billion times. Imagine that you have been duplicated (made alive) in all seven  billion worlds. What if each person is alone in their own universe, with the Divine Creator? When coming together with another spirit being, maybe the two worlds are like bubbles that join in in a holographic oneness, or an appearance of being in the same world. When two persons are not together, it is as if there really are two different worlds, as they each have unrelated experiences.  A large group of people….appearing alive on the same planet, at the same time, could be many levels of worlds, in different dimensions. Perhaps in one world, you exist, and all of the rest of humanity is placed there for you. An illusion, and real, at the same time? Possible???  What if God (IDI) is waiting to witness what you will do with, ‘your world?’ Will you help save it, or behave in ways that bring further destruction? What will you do with your Spirit brothers and sisters, who each are sacred, in their own worlds, and worthy of respect and honor? Will you give them dignity, respect, love, and compassion, or treat them in opposite ways. I have been exploring this Seven Billion World theory for 3 or 4 weeks, and checking into Quantum Physicist’s books. No one has quite described it in this way, but they are all scratching their heads and wondering what is happening. Multiple universes, multiple dimensions of reality. Yes, this journey is way more mysterious than we have known in the past. I believe God (IDI) wants us to explore the truth, as deeply and profoundly as we possibly can. I am so excited to continue this amazing exploration, and I promise to share, as we go.  Peace, NHT 6/4/11