Skin Cancer… A matter of Life and Death… Love to You, Lan Vo & Tim Howard

If you are a blue eyed and white skinned person, (haole) and you burned your skin earlier in life, I urge you to have regular checks by a good dermatologist. Four months ago I visited, Lan Vo, a very popular Psychic in the Islands. In addition to telling me things about my past that she could not have known by natural means, she gave me information that may have saved my physical life. Four months ago, and again one month ago, she urged me to be careful regarding skin cancer. This week I had an inner feeling that I must be checked, even though I had no visible signs of skin cancer. My Dermatologist, Tim Howard ,at Bessinger Clinic in Kapahulu,  discovered two possible Basil Carcinoma’s, one on the back of my neck, and one on the left side of the nose. He said, “If this is what I think it is, I’m gonna’ go see Lan Vo. Tim found the one on my nose ,after he had finished checking my whole body. He stopped abruptly as he was walking by the chair and said ‘UhOh.’ He put a light and magnifier on the nose and found the second one. Both are not far enough advanced to cause death, however, the one on the back of the neck was quite far along. I might not have discovered it until too late, had Lan Vo not warned me twice to be careful.  I bring you the most accurate and special Psychic ever: Lan Vo  Phone: 808-595`2207   Address: 2629 Pali Highway.    And, the most thorough and dedicated Skin Doctor’s ever: Tim Howard and Todd Bessinger.  Phone: 808-218`7889  in Kapuhulu.  I am grateful…. I am a blessed Being… I so appreciate these two beings, now!  Divine Intelligence is moving us all to a glorious awakening on planet earth…. All glory to IDI, (Infinite Divine Intelligence) what most call God. NHT  9/2/2011