Skin Cancer… Blessed Results!

I received the call from Dr. Tim Howard regarding my biopsies of the nose and neck. The one on the neck, they can’t determine if it is cancerous. However, the left side of the nose definitely a  Basil Carcinoma. We caught it so early that the treatment does not require surgery. A simple application of an expensive cream called, Fluourouracil, is all that is required. The area will scab and peel off in a week or so. Again, I say to my brothers, my family of blue eyes, and all friends and contacts, be careful, get checked regularly, and possibly save your physical life. Finally I want to acknowledge Lan Vo, Honolulu Psychic who warned me twice about Skin Cancer, and Dr. Tim Howard, a Dermatologist, who really deeply cares about his patients. I believe my life was extended as a result of  Divine Intelligence’s orchestration of events involving Lan Vo. I am happy…. I am alive and will be for quite some time. All praise to IDI…. NHT 9/3/2011