IMG_3780Noble Turner, devoted 15 years as a Psychotherapy Clinic Owner and Psycho-therapist, in Boston, and holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, and two Masters Degrees, one in Psychology and another in Religion.

While patients were un-questionably helped through the traditional ‘Psychotherapy talking method, there is a much quicker path to the truth of who we are, where we are headed with a healed psyche and soul.

Our bodies are like clay pots, hurled into the sky, with a destiny of crashing and dis-integrating. (Death of the body) It is particles pf light! Blessedly and very fortunately, we are not our bodies.

The body and all physicality (matter) is only a shadow, a reflection of the light of the Divine Creator, who resides inside each of  us.

The Beloved has given us infinite  power to co-create the future, with (God) I love helping people to become happy, and I have , now, the experience to mentor others to awesome truth’s about who we really are.

Regarding fees,  a sliding fee scale  applies to all, according to ability to pay. If no income exists, no charge will be made…and group counseling sessions will be conducted. For private sessions,  a sliding fee arrangement, according to ability to pay, will apply.

The truth of life was given to me, freely, and I love teaching it, without money being a troublesome  issue. For further information contact Noble at: or call (808) 223-2001.

All Counseling sessions are held in Hawaii Kai, on the Island of Oahu. Peace and love to all Magnificent, Harmonious, Spirit Filled,  Children of God….  All 6.9 billion of us. Happiness and joy and peace of mind are not only attainable, they are here, now, by removing the delusion! Thank you,  Nameste’   Noble.

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Faith can move mountains...