Sun Gazing

My son introduced me to a concept that I hadn’t given much thought too. He told me of a man from India, Hira Ratan Manek, who hadn’t eaten food, of any type,  for many years. Apparently he did drink water. He gathered his energy from sun gazing. As I explored this further, I realized there are thousands of souls over the earth, who know of and experience this phenomenon. Make sure you only sun gaze at sunrise and sunset. A violet counter-clockwise color will appear,  spinning around the sun. It’s like plugging your new Tesla into an energy charge. One can feel the power of the infusion of energy, from sun to the eyes, and then the brain. You’ve probably been told most of your life, “you will go blind if you look directly at the sun. I don’t know, this may be true if attempted during the day. Use Caution when sun gazing.  Great discomfort means you are choosing the wrong time to gaze. Remember, the same energy that fires the sun, fills you. Wow!  Gaze on…. NHT  8/29/2014