Sun Gazing…Profound Effects!

For the last two years, I have been Sungazing, most evenings. I find the impact and results to be profound. Please see the, ‘You Tube’ Video of Hira Ratan Manek, at: Also, pease see: There are many other videos, describing this remarkable man from India.
Basically, from my own experience, the intense energy from the sun enters the retina of the eyes, proceeds into the brain, and is disseminated out into the cells of the body.
Mr. Manek, was recently observed by scientists from two American Universities, for 120 days. During this time, he did not eat any food, and drank only water. Each morning and evening he gazed at the sun, for several minutes. His vital signs and body weight remained the same at the end of the experiment, as it was in the beginning..
NASA officials are studying this man, for the purpose of puting Astronauts into outer space, with as little food on board, as possible.
My I-Phone alarm is set for 5:45 PM, Hawaii time. (the gazing time changes throughout the year) I Gaze every evening, and plan to add morning sessions.
For me, I see a brilliant violet (purplish) circle around the outer perimeter of the sun, spinning, counter-clock-wise. After a minute or two, since the sun sets over Diamond Head, I see the whole jagged top of the crater, light up like a violet colored neon light. The first reaction is to feel fear, as the message heard since childhood of, “don’t look at the sun, for you will go bind,” rears it’s ugly head.
The sun and we, are one…. The same divine energy that is everywhere, and in everything, is also in the sun. It is more clear to me why teachers of history always gave a negative twist regarding sun worshiping. The sun is our greatest source of energy, in the physical realm. Don’t try this any time other than early after sunrise, or 15-20 minutes just before sunset. How about starting off 2015, with a blast of energy to your entire being. I highly recommend it. Noble