The Amazing Braco Experience

I experienced the gaze of Braco, this moning at 8:30 A.M. 1/21/2010
I testify that I experienced seeing a white, (sometimes light gold) aura surrounding his head, and later, his entire body. The light expanded outward from the outer body, for eight to ten inches. It is my belief that Braco is an ascended, modern day, healer. I felt a lightness, and a very deep peace.  David Hawkins, Md., Ph.D., founder of ‘The Scale of Consciousness,’ a conscious being and an author, said that the energy of one fully awakened positive being, counter-balances the energies of ten million beings, who are living with negativeenergy, still in the ego. I am excited by the energy and universal love, this man is an obvious conduit for. I learned that Braco has had no training in any spiritual discipline, nor has he had aspecific mentor. There is no question that the energy he exudes hasan  impact on thousands, in the Balkens and throughout Europe. On Maui, they had a small group the first day, but on the last day, 700, attended. NHT 1/21/2010