The Messiah Within

  1. “The Messiah is not a mythical being that has come before or is coming in the future, but the Messiah resides within each one of us. We become our own Messiah, or “savior,” when we establish a deep and strong connection to our own inner divinity, and we come to a knowing that we are One with all Universal energies. While this book is directed at the Jewish world community, the messages are universal in nature and are applicable to any person on the planet. When we connect to our own Messiah Within, we can live in new energy on the planet called the Messiah Consciousness. When the Messiah Consciousness is fully established on the planet, then and only then can we usher in an era of unprecedented world peace, on the planet.” Robin Clare
  2. I endorse this new book by Robin Clare…. I believe there is a Messiah (potential Christ) inside each of us. When our vibration matches the energies of all physicality, a new earth shall surely come to be. NHT