There is Power in Realization…. Awakening

The lessons are coming on fast and repeating until the lesson is learned. We all must help to save humanity from disaster. War, hatred, and greed do not have a place in the coming spirit filled, new earth. The density of physicalityis a serious issue. I pray with IDI that chaos does not erupt, further in our world. There are enough of us who know the truth of our spirit nature, to save the earth, one soul at a time. NHT

My power today lies in realization. I am not my mistakes. I can’t do this alone or pretend any more. The illusion of comfort in denial or sacrifice is no longer mine. There is no shame in my suffering — no healing in silent self-torment. It is here at the surreal crossroads of the “”soul search”” where dawning truth meets the anguish of overwhelming resistance in mind over matter that I can finally wake up, change my mind, let go of what no longer works or own my losses or choices. I am empowered by intense acknowledgment or epiphany and my virtue is gratitude or relief in recognition.” Tarot card reading for today. 10/22/2011   NHT