There’s Something Going On Here

Life on earth has more meaning than may be immediately apparent to you.
“Please do not think that all you are doing here is living until you die.
If that were all that’s happening, God would hardly take time to be involved.
No, there is something else occurring.  It has to do with the evolution of your soul.
Do you want to know more about that; about how that occurs? Why not make it
your business today to find out?”    Neale Donald Walsch

Yeah, there really is something going on here. We live in a world of vibrational energy and reside directly at the center of the entire universe. Every living thing has the same experience of being at the center. I tell ya’all, we are alive at a time and place of radical change.

Get ready….some of the ride may be rough. However, love, peace and compassion will win, in the end. NHT 10/18/2011