Think it, Believe it, See it as Already Happening

It  is not enough to read the book, The Secret, or to watch the movie and believe that your thinking will manifest all kinds of good stuff, including  prosperity for you. The message of  ‘The Secret’  is wonderful, it simply isn’t enough. One must have a passion or emotions about the goal. (the thoughts) Also, without a plan of action, thinking positive thoughts is nice, but it will not produce results. I am now figuring out, after all these years, that I may have been “ADHD’ for most of my life. I was able to have huge successes, but it wasn’t due to my ability to focus, concentrate, and manage my time properly. Only recently have I committed to a strict set time schedule for my activities leading to my goals. Think it, believe it, see it as already happening, see the end goal, be passionate about it, sing in the shower about it, paste it on the fridge, but most of all take the necessary steps, with discipline, to achieve anything you dream. You are the Divine energy that animates your body…. It (God … IDI) wants what you want! Achieve it, savor it, own it! The Divine Creator is Living Inside of you….    NHT 9/8/2011

“Discipline is the master key to success!
Discipline is the bridge between thought and accomplishment!
Discipline is all about sitting down, and setting goals!”  Bob Lowe