This Mysterious, Holographic Life

With each passing day, I realize how little I know about this precious life, what causes stuff to happen, and the mysteries surrounding our existence. While I talk and teach all this, I am aware that I am a student, too. I am daily humbled by the awareness of my own shortcomings and to still being a slave to my,’old programming,’ sometimes referred to as, ‘the unconscious.’ These old tapes are at the root of my indecisions, difficulty focusing, and always changing my focus. This I know…. I have the option to take myself into places of light, love, peace, and prosperity, or to take myself down into a hell on earth of darkness, fear, misery, and despairI believe we all have this same ability. I know that I choose love and life, but sometimes the old voices interfere in the journey. We could also live out a mundane existence, grow up, work, raise kids, retire, watch Fox News, and believe whatever doctrine has been Indoctrinated into our Beings, as a real Belief! What route we take is always being steered by the great Joy Stick of this mysterious, holographic life, your mind. So powerful is this driving force, that it manifests physicality, (matter) along with the Divine. IDI. So, for now, I know some deep stuff about life, however, trust me, there is so much I have left to experience and learn in this wonderfully mysterious journey. ‘Row, row, row your boat, Life is but a dream.’ NHT 11/22/2011