Thoughts and Dreams…Creator’s of Ourselve’s

“Thoughts and Dreams determine what you are, and what you will be.” We are each the, ‘creators of ourselves.’ If our lives are filled with thoughts of doubt, worry, stress, and ‘OMG, what happens if,’ we will reap the harvest of those thoughts, and surely bring on the very things we are focused on, and are afraid of. “As a Man Thinketh’ in his Heart, so is he,” (she) are not just pretty words, they point to the character of what each being will become, as a result of these thoughts. Right thinking, followed by desire and taking the steps of action necessary to reach the goal, cannot fail. It is a universal law as real as gravity. We are the mind of God, housed in a human body…. We are invisible, sacred energy housed in a vibrating light body, that is being manifested by the mind of God, (IDI) which is also our mind. Knowledge and awareness of this truth is the ticket to a magical mystery carpet ride to your dreams.
“One Tribe, Ya’ll.”
NHT 4/25/2011