To The Great Jerry West, from Cabin Creek, W.Va.

I had No Idea how much Jerry West and I have, uncanny similarities. We were both brought up in the Appalachian coal-mining mountains of W.Va.Hardship came upon both of us. I didn’t come close to having West’s basketball skills, however, we are more alike than I could have imagined. Skinney, gangly and awkward, we each were. However, we excelled in perseverance, stamina, courage, stick-to-it-tiveness, and a never give up attitude. We both experienced shyness, inadequate feelings, while living with a big dream. No, A huge Dream! Jerry’s was to be the best basketball player in the world. My dream was and is to be an Intl’ Spirit Teacher, along with my friends and mentors. His came true… mine is coming true. I have just read, West on West, an auto-biography of Jerry West. We each experienced tortured childhoods. Jerry found ways to dispel his anger and feelings of inadequacy. I chopped down forests and burned the brush piles. My Bro told me that Jerry was back in W.Va. a month or so, ago. He, at age 73, was telling Appalachian school kids to have huge dreams, and never give up on their dreams. Remember his dream, “best basketball player,” in the world. One day soon, my life story will be published. I am so grateful for all that I have been blessed to experience. In three to six months, I will be moving from the beautiful Hawaii Valley that has been my cocoon, for 13 years, and my spiritual cocoon for the last four years. The planning for the future has begun. I am a butterfly, with one leg and one wing-tip, stuck to a tiny bit of cocoon goo….I am being born a ‘fully present’ Spirit Being. I am ready to fly. Jerry West, may your life be long and filled with the joy and happiness you So Much deserve. May your sons bring you many lil’ Grand baby, B-Ballers. Life is a beautiful adventure… It is what WE make it! You made mine better, Jerry West. I have vivid memories of lying at the foot of the big radio listening and keeping ‘your’ stats, as you wowed them FROM MORGANTOWN! NHT 11/4/11