We Are of Far Flung Stars and Galaxies

Imagine with me, if you were God, (IDI) before the creation of the universe, and you’d been experiencing the bliss of no time, space, or form for trillions of timeless eons, what would you do to bring some excitement into your eternal existence of nothingness. What is the hugest thing you can imagine? Wouldn’t you create a universe (or universes) with form (physicality) time, and space? Wouldn’t you pour your unlimited energy into a magnificent project, something like life? (consciousness) And, wouldn’t you continue to allow evolution to unfold in form, and move it toward perfection, as you pour out life sustaining energy. We are the spiritual material of, ‘far flung’ stars and galaxies, having a human experience. It is God’s dream…. I am so grateful to be included in this massive consciousness experience…. NHT 4/20/2012