We’re Gonna Have a Good Good Night

Dawn quietly breaks over the paradise Island of Oahu. (Honolulu) Beautiful bird chirping sounds awaken me, softly. Gentle trade winds touch my skin, and the wood chimes, outside, play a sweet tune. It’s a beautiful Friday morning in the warm month of February. If I didn’t know it was 6:30 AM, in the morning, I would not be able to determine if it were dawn or dusk. I am alive! I am filled with gratitude. In a few minutes, I will put the Black Eyed Peas, “We’re Gonna Have a Good Good Night,” on the stereo. Softly, however, as my housemates are still snoozing. I will jump and dance around the living room, and know that tonight will be a good night. How do I know that? Because I have pre-determined it, along with the Mind of Infinite Divine Intelligence, (God) I will have an awesome, good evening. You can do this, too. You are co-creating the future, with IDI, whether aware of this, or not. You are doing it with the power of your mind, right. “As a man or woman thinketh in their hearts, so are they.” Go out and love everyone, today. Be authentically compassionate, caring, humble, sharing, and loving, and watch as IDI floods you, with energy, particles of light, events, people, and resources to create whatever you dream! “The Divine Creator is Living Inside of You.” NHT 2/18/2011