What Are Your High Values?

Well, John DeMartini really got under my defenses…. I discovered that my high values (priorities) weren’t what I believed they were. Now, I can rewire the brain and use the will (grace of the Divine) to set important values in place. I won’t go into what my values were, or what they will become, but I know this by experience: how each of us spend out time, resources, and energy is precisely our high values. We like to kid ourselves about what we truly value, which is driven by unconscious patterns that were created long ago. How do you spend your time? What is the motive for your daily activities? Don’t deeply explore this unless you want to radically transform your life. I am grateful to the spirit of Paul Bragg, who inspired DiMartini, to become the modern day avatar (teacher) that he is, and is becoming. NHT 4/10/2012