Where Are Memories Stored?

The hippocampus and amygdala ??? Storing of memories??? All this may be just silliness…. that anything, including any memory, is stored in a mass of blood, veins, tissue, and synapses. The brain acts like a computer, downloading from Divine Intelligence, pictures and memories that are stored everywhere in the invisible energy field of the universe. I believe it is possible that the brain stores nothing. in fact, it may not have the ability to store any memories. In a computer, the memory is stored in a metal box, called a hard drive, and then downloaded. In the brain, through the engine of thought, what if data is pulled from the Oneness of Infinite Divine Intelligence, which is everywhere and in everything, and re-creates the imagery and memory of the past, with the entire body. Actually, I believe that the physical body, including the brain, is a manifestation of the Mind of IDI. (what some call, God)
Maybe it is this force, (God IDI) along with us, that is looking out through our eyes, hearing with our ears, smelling, tasting and touching. I think it is what the founders of all major religions were trying to say.
“The Kingdom of God is within.” The Father and I are One.”
We know now, it’s all vibrational energy, everything vibrating at different frequency levels.
Sound and light…. What an amazing mystery!
NHT 1/22/2012