Who Am I Hearing From?

Listen to the drum beat of the masses, many with fear, doubt, and worry about what’s coming!
Watch as the Indoctrinators blast out consequences for not following, “My Religion.”
Or, you can Listen to the Divine Intelligence from within…along with your sure knowledge that,
“thoughts become Things.” Ahhhh, I choose to hear from the quiet whispers of the Divine.
I urge you to do that, too. We cannot allow matter to have control over our minds. The mind
is the most powerful tool in the universe…your’s and God’s. (IDI) When in balance with the
physical body,and the emotions, only steps of action remain, to co-create anything you dream,
and keep dreaming. I am being moved by the Spirit of Infinite Divine Intelligence, with more
and more frequency. My dreams and God’s dreams are lining up. I have a finite amount of time
to be in physical form, as do we all. However, I feel an urge to start documenting this journey,
from age 38 till the present, where-ever that present may be when my Life Story is published.
I am so grateful for these first 68 years, and am even more grateful and excited by what I know
is coming. Let’s feel and share love with all living beings. We can transform this planet into
a paradise earth, when all spirit minds agree that we have the mind-power to do just that!
Oh, who am I hearing from? Through willingness, intuition and observation, I am receiving from the source,
the One, Invisible Divine Intelligence…Many are receiving it. Be open to It! NHT 11/2/11