Who Are We…. Really?

Swirling all around us, does it feel like the pace of life is speeding up.  Change is constant, in all areas of life. Staying balanced and centered, no matter what is occurring, is crucial to  having a glorious experience in this life. How could it not be so? Spiritual and human vibrators, that’s what we are, vibrating at different frequencies!  A wise lady told me, “ You have two choices… Wake up and choose to be happy, or wake up and choose to be sad.” It’s our choice, and all driven by our own thought patterns. (conscious, and huge quantities of unconscious thought patterns) As clearly as I can say it, we are so much more than our bodies. We are the Divine energy that fills and animates the body. We are the energy that is breathing us, and pumping our vital organs. We are the energy that is creating thoughts and feelings. I believe this powerful energy, to be God. (Infinite Divine Intelligence) It (IDI) is looking out through our eyes, smelling with our noses, hearing with our ears, tasting, etc. Who we really are is boundary-less, invisible, and yet, present everywhere. Omni-present! Ponder on this….  Allow into your thoughts, the possibility that what I have just spoken, is the truth. We and God are One! These are not just words pointing to some crazy idea. These words describe who we really are! Take 2 or 3 deep breaths, and ponder that, ‘who you really are,’ is probably  immortal, eternal, and beyond time and space. Peace and love, Noble NHT 7/9/2012