Who Are We, Really?

I speak this again, because I believe that humanity needs to hear it, and more importantly, comprehend it. I believe that this information is Divinely given to me. It is what I truly believe is happening. It may or may not be accurate…. What if who we really are, is much more than the body. We are literally the Divine energy that animates the body. We are the power that breathes us, pumps our vital organs, and causes thoughts and feelings to exist. We are the boundary-less infinite power that fills the body and everything around it. All of It, vibrating at various frequencies of ‘God Given,’Divine energy. Yes, we are spirit beings that are the reflection of, ‘The Great I Am.’ (Infinite Divine Intelligence. (IDI) Did you know that the five senses are functioning due to this enormous power that many call, God. All is IDI (God). Everything! It is God and ourselves, who is looking out through these eyes, smelling with this nose, hearing with these ears, tasting, feeling, thinking, and more.
Somewhat Shockingly, I believe we may be manifesting our own bodies, and everything around us, along with, (and in co-operation with) the Mind of IDI. Celebration time is here, fellow brief, earth travelers. Awaken to the magnificence of who and what you really are. We, the whole human/spirit race, is at dawning edge of, Consciousness, Becoming Aware of Itself.’ You are the immortal, eternal sacred reflection of the Divine Creator, who (by the way) is “living inside of you.” and…actually is you! I Share With love, NHT 2/19/2012